Mix and Match Shirt Dresses for Hijaber, Remain Polite and Fashionable

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Mix and match shirt dresses for hijaber to make your appearance still polite and fashionable. As we know, shirt dresses are one of the favorite types of fashion items for many women.

The shape is easy for us to combine with anything. This clothing can provide comfort when worn. So make it a must-have, especially for you hijabers.

Mix and Match Shirt Dresses for Hijaber

Inspiration for Mix and Match Shirt Dresses for Hijabers

A shirt with a long design that covers the legs or what is popularly known as a shirt dress is a type of clothing that we often encounter in our daily lives.

Using this clothing can make your style look more simple and casual. Shirt dresses are the most appropriate when we wear them when hanging out or hanging out with friends.

You can even use this as an outfit when going to campus or the office. There are many ideas for mixing and matching shirt dresses, especially for your hijabs so you can look more fashionable, including:

Fashionable with a High Waist

One of the first quite fashionable hijab shirt dress fashion options is to combine it with high-waist trousers. You can style the shirt dress by tucking one side of the front into the trousers.

You can choose high-waist knit pants to look contemporary but still polite. Make your look even more perfect with a handbag and sneakers along with a rectangular, wrapped hijab.

Shirt Dress as Outer

Another style that you can try is to apply a shirt dress as a beautiful outerwear. In this case, you combine this versatile fashion item with anything. Such as jeans, blouses and long skirts, T-shirts and so on.

Shirt Dress and Belt

The easiest and simplest way to style a shirt dress is to sweeten the appearance by using a belt. You can wear a belt of any shape with a relatively simple shirt dress.

With a statement belt, it will focus on the style of this accessory. Furthermore, a neutral-colored shirt dress will also look chicer if you combine it with a striking colored thin belt and neutral-colored hijab.

Shirt Dress with Wide Leg Pants

If you have a shirt dress that is not too long, then you can try combining it with wide-leg pants. This Japanese women’s style is guaranteed to make you more comfortable and free to move while remaining fashionable.

If your shirt dress and wide-leg pants do not have a pattern or are plain and neutral in color, then you can use additional accessories such as a unique bag or shoes to make your appearance more attractive with a patterned hijab.

Mix and match shirt dresses for hijaber that fit and are appropriate, your appearance will be more attractive and not look boring.