Dress Fabrics Glossary: A Guide to the Different Types of Dress Fabrics

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Dress fabrics glossary itself consists of various kinds with their own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of daily use, lightweight and medium-weight fabrics of polyester, linen, cotton, and rayon are popular for dressmaking. Meanwhile, evening dresses can opt for materials with types of silk, velvet, crepe, georgette, and lace. To find out more, here is a discussion of some of the types.

Dress Fabrics Glossary A Guide to the Different Types of Dress Fabrics

A Guide to the Different Types of Dress Fabrics Glossary

There are so many styles and materials of dresses that you can customize. With a solid understanding of what makes a good fabric, you can choose according to your design criteria. Below is a selection of beautiful European fabrics that are perfect for making beautiful dresses.

Piqué Cotton

Piqué cotton fabric has a textured design with a ribbed or waffle look that is often used to make plain t-shirts. This texture will create a more interesting, luxurious and formal look to the fabric. The material is also very durable and sweat-absorbent that you can use every day.

Baby Corduroy

If you’re looking for a great fabric for fall classics, this fabric is very lightweight and a great choice. You can pair it with leggings and boots for an elevated look. There are many color options with the perfect amount of stretch to make cool dresses comfortable and casual.

Tencel Cotton Satin

When you want to give the impression of a classy formal dress or a luxurious ball gown, satin is a classic choice. This material has a special weave pattern, satin weave, and the way it is woven gives it a luxurious feel. You’ll also notice the smoothness and beautiful sheen makes the dress stand out.

Tencel twill

Tencel is a lyocell brand from the Lenzing company focused on sustainability. This dress fabrics glossary is a kind of rayon fabric from eucalyptus wood with ethical production. The fabric has a soft and smooth texture that is durable and comfortable. The lightweight material is a great choice for drapery silk dresses or shirts.

Cotton Poplin

This versatile plain weave fabric, which is usually made of cotton, is often found for making button-down dresses. It is also suitable for other lightweight dresses with sharp fabrics, such as pleats or collars. So dresses with this material you can use all year round and have a light shine.


Georgette is similar to chiffon but a little thicker and a little thinner which makes it a more stable alternative. Cutting and sewing this material is easier than chiffon. It gives a matte look and drapes from polyester or silk fibers.


You can do this by braiding, twisting, weaving and looping the threads, of course with the addition of other materials. This fabric is texture but still quite soft and thus the dress fabrics glossary that can increase our knowledge before choosing or making a beautiful dress.